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4.- DOBLE DoblePRIME. Monitorización del Estado de los Transformadores

4.- DOBLE DoblePRIME. Monitorización del Estado de los Transformadores
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Get the Power of Knowing

The doblePRIME™ Condition Monitoring Platform for Transformers gives you a clear, consolidated means to assess overall transformer condition. Now you can pick the appropriate level of condition monitoring for an individual transformer or group of transformers in one substation.

DoblePRIME is a scalable, on-line monitoring solution that can be as simple as one diagnostic device or a robust system monitoring and analyzing oil status, tap changer condition, bushing health, while integrating all types of diagnostic indicators, IEDs and sensor data. View this critical information in one dashboard, on-site or remotely.

DoblePRIME simplifies and empowers data-based decision making by giving you a single point of access to view and analyze your transformers’ on-line monitoring data. It is uniquely powered by Doble’s decades of on-line monitoring expertise and a century’s worth of transformer diagnostic experience.

Create Your Own Diagnostic View

DoblePRIME brings together all of your transformer’s monitoring data into a single customizable dashboard view that can be accessed on-site or remotely. It integrates data from Doble diagnostic devices and also ‘talks’ to any other common IED through standard protocols to incorporate all available data into the decision-making process. The platform can incorporate diagnostic indicators such as dissolved gas analysis, partial discharge, harmonics as well as operational values and additional sensor data such as temperature, vibration and voltage.


doblePRIME Delphi DGA

The doblePRIME Delphi™ device provides data on changes in dissolved gas levels, the early warning signs of developing or incipient problems such as overheating, insulation degradation or mechanical movement within the transformer.

doblePRIME Domino

The doblePRIME DOMINO™ is a device to measure the relative and absolute levels of moisture in oil. This is useful information, especially when a transformer is being loaded in excess of nameplate, or when the transformer is undergoing abnormal load cycles.


The doblePRIME IDD Bushing Monitor detects signs of either ‘rapid onset’ or ‘graceful’ deterioration in bushings, finding abnormalities in the insulation. It provides leakage current and phase analysis for up to 12 bushings.

doblePRIME PD-Guard

The doblePRIME PD-Guard continuously monitors partial discharge levels, learning your transformer’s PD behaviors and notifying you of relevant changes in level and severity of discharge pulses. The doblePRIME PD Guard is an 8-channel device which provides spectral and phase resolved PD analysis.




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