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3.- DOBLE Diagnóstico EMI

3.- DOBLE Diagnóstico EMI
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Doble Engineering, world leader in diagnostic instruments and knowledge services for the electric power industry, is proud to offer an innovative approach to test generators, motors, exciters, isophase bus, switchgear, transformers, and power cables – Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Diagnosticssm. This newest addition to Doble’s consulting services is a non-invasive on-line surveillance technique that can detect and identify defects in a motor or generator and associated electrical systems while each power system remains in service.  For more information on EMI Testing, email

EMI analysis techniques can provide critical information useful for developing targeted maintenance strategies for power systems, and can also identify equipment that does not need attention or repair. This is a passive, totally non-invasive measurement technique, with no applied signal. Data is collected without affecting operations, and the process is inherently safe. EMI Diagnosticssm can provide valuable maintenance recommendations on the very first test. The testing equipment is very sensitive and measurement accuracy is traceable to NIST standards. EMI presents an opportunity for companies to dramatically improve their condition assessment and maintenance programs. EMI Diagnosticssm can save money and time by identifying specific areas that require maintenance, repair, or replacement allowing strategic, proactive, planned decisions to be made well in advance of an upcoming scheduled outage.


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