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1.- DOBLE LCM500. Monitorización de Pararrayos. Análisis de la Corriente de Fuga

1.- DOBLE LCM500. Monitorización de Pararrayos. Análisis de la Corriente de Fuga

A complete system for condition monitoring of your metal oxide surge arresters (MOSAs)

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The Leakage Current Monitor (LCM) system measures the resistive component of continuous leakage current in gapless metal oxide surge arresters (MOSAs). The LCM is connected to the arrester and consists of three main parts:

• A  current probe attached to the connector of either a clip-on current transformer or a toroid transformer (in permanent installations).
• A wireless field probe positioned near the base of the arrester to pick up the 3rd harmonic capacitive current component due to harmonics in the system voltage.
• A leakage current instrument that uses harmonic analysis of current and field probe signals to determine the resistive component of the leakage current.

Features and Benefits

• Portability. Lightweight, battery-operated instrument is easily transportable for inspecting surge arresters on a regular basis.
• Arrester ID. Provides unique identification of each surge arrester, making data management easy. The LCM can store 1000 surge arrester IDs and measurements performed in the field.
• Data Management. Define individual surge arrester types, including operational parameters. Software functions include evaluating groups of surge arresters by arrester type or by region.
• Cost-Effective. Inspecting a surge arrester takes less than 10 minutes on location and can be performed with the arrester in live operation, without disturbing power distribution.


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