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1.- DOBLE DFA300. Inspección de Subestaciones Aisladas por Gas (GIS)

1.- DOBLE DFA300. Inspección de Subestaciones Aisladas por Gas (GIS)
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Gas-insulated switchgears compact design makes them ideal, but also vulnerable to microscopic internal changes. Degradation, age and stress can trigger major failures that cost time and money.

The DFA300 is a preventative, diagnostic solution that can find internal flaws such as particles, partial discharge or mechanical vibrations without the need for outages.

The DFA300s UHF detection method surveys large areas, while its acoustic method pinpoints the problems. This combination makes the tool perfect for commissioning or for GIS condition-based maintenance.

• Find internal flaws in gas insulated switchgear and act before they turn into catastrophic failures
• Utilize the UHF method for surveying large sections of GIS/GIB, switch to acoustics for location and diagnostics
• Distinguish between particles, protrusions, floating potentials and insulator support problems
• Discover mechanical problems such as loose parts and vibrations


• Handheld and easy to use with a UHF antenna or one ultrasound sensor with wireless synchronization
• Color LCD screen for instant readouts in addition to computer software
• Multiple settings for detection
• UHF: Spectrum mode 50-1000MHz, Time resolved mode or Level meter at any frequency from 50-1000MHz, Level vs phase (phase resolved UHF partial discharge plot)
• Acoustics: Oscilloscope, Bargraphs, Level vs. phase (phase resolved acoustic partial discharge plot), Level vs. interval (time of flight)


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