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New Fluke 8588A Reference Multimeter.
Professional calibration solutions.
FLUKE 6270A, 8270A and 8370A Pressure Controllers.
Power and energy solutions.
PPA5500 Series Power Analyzers.
PPA3500 Series Power Analyzers.
Thermal validation products.
New FLUKE 2638A Data Acquisition System.


Calibration products.


Power and energy products.


Electrical maintenance products.


Thermal validation products.


EMC and electrical safety.


Data acquisition system.




TYPHOON HIL-606.Simulador Hardware In the Loop en Tiempo Real

El nuevo Simulador en Tiempo Real HIL-606 combina las mejoras de la 4ª generación de simuladores Typhoon HIL con la potencia de procesamiento de la Serie 6 basada en

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Nuevas Fuentes de Potencia Programables de CA Compactas ADF

Nuevas fuentes de potencia programables de CA con alta densidad de potencia (15kVA en 4U).

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Pacific Power Serie LMX.Fuentes de Potencia Programables de CA Lineales

Nuevas fuentes de potencia programables de CA con amplificadores lineales y controlador digital avanzado.

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Megacal Instruments Ibérica SL is the company leader in Spain offering products for: Calibration, Power and Energy, Electrical Maintenance, Thermal Validation and Data Acquisition.

  • Calibrationareas we are dealing with are: Electrical, Power and Energy, Temperature, Humidity and Radiofrequency.
  • Electrical Maintenance: Verification of Energy Meters and Measurement Transformers, Power Transformers Diagnosis.
  • Power and Energy: AC/DC Programable Power Sources, AC/DC Programable Electronic Loads, Grid Simulators, Battery and Solar Panels Simulators and Power Analyzers.
  • Validation: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, etc...
  • Data Acquisition: Data acquisition systems.

Our goal is to offer to our customers the best technical solutions for their applications, providing a rapid and effective technical support and high quality training courses.

MEGACAL. Calibracion, Potencia y Energia. Mantenimiento Electrico.

Calle Foronda, 4 - 4th Floor - 28034 - Madrid.

+34 91 571 00 24   /   +34 91 571 23 46